せっかく頑張って準備したGSB Global Startup Battleですが、投票開始と同時にシステム障害発生というなんとも拍子抜けな感じに…。



UPDATE 2: Continued Voting Issues

Please read this update to learn more about the ongoing voting problem
Hey everyone, it seems all your furious voting and sharing is causing our system some trouble. We're really sorry for the inconveneince, we know how hard you're working to get votes. 

Right now, if you're experiencing issues, please hold off on trying to get votes, the Pitchburner team is working fast to correct the issue and make sure everything gets back to normal. This started small, but now seems to be affecting everyone. 

What we know:

This won't be fixed in the next few hours
We're working as hard and as fast as possible to get this fixed
We will be in touch again in the next 24 hours or sooner with an update
We will keep running updates here if we have any
Votes that got to the colored in Thumbs up, will be counted
How you can help:
As you can imagine, we're getting a lot of emails. If your question is related to these voting issues, please hold on to it until after we've given the all clear. We want to be able to support issues as soon as possible, but if everyone emails about this known issue, it will slow down support for other things. We really appreciate it.
We completely understand how frustrating this is, and we're very sorry for the issues. 

We'll be in touch as soon as possible with more information,
The GSB Team








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950 Points チリ出身のギタリストが弾くドラゴンボールZがむちゃくちゃかっこいい…
774 Points Wordpress + Heroku + PostgreSQL + Amazon S3 = ¥0 / 無料でサイト運営
700 Points Rubyのチートシート 変数 / クラス / モジュール
524 Points Rubyのチートシート / アクティブサポート
451 Points 紙のデザイナーがウェブ開発できるようになるまでに必要なこと
435 Points Rails / Google Analyticsのデータを使って分析や管理画面のためのグラフをつくる
323 Points RailsとHerokuでノーティフィケーションをプッシュする / PusherとTurbolinksの兼ね合い
222 Points Rails / RSpec テスト書いたことない メンドクサイ(n´Д`)という時のチートシート
193 Points Rails / Ajaxを使って画面遷移しない一時保存機能をつける
193 Points Protractorでスクレイピングしてみた