cakePHP 2.x アソシエーションされたデータの保存 saveAllとsaveManyとsaveAssociated


Model::saveAll(array $data = null, array $options = array())

The saveAll function is just a wrapper around the saveMany and saveAssociated methods. it will inspect the data and determine what type of save it should perform. If data is formatted in a numerical indexed array, saveMany will be called, otherwise saveAssociated is used. This function receives the same options as the former two, and is generally a backwards compatible function. It is recommended using either saveMany or saveAssociated depending on the case.


validate: Set to false to disable validation, true to validate each record before saving, ‘first’ to validate all records before any are saved (default)

atomic: If true (default), will attempt to save all records in a single transaction. Should be set to false if database/table does not support transactions.

fieldList: Equivalent to the $fieldList parameter in Model::save()

deep: (since 2.1) If set to true, not only directly associated data is saved, but deeper nested associated data as well. Defaults to false.


$Article->saveAll($data, array('deep' => true));


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